Who I am


I first started this personal site on 2012, as an offshoot of my http://www.pinayfitness.ph website which was conceptualized in 2009.

As stated in my About Page, “Fitness” is one of my major motivations and advocacies. Why fitness?

There was a time few decades ago, that I was on the cross-roads trying to figure out what step to take next.

It was through fitness that made me realize that we have a big role of stewardship in the lifetime gifted to us and that taking care of one’s self is the start of taking care of others.

The realization was not sudden however. It was slow and gradual but the process was all worth it.

One thing that I noticed was, despite the trials in life, what was constant is my love of learning. I consider myself as a student of life and I love to apply what I learned and see how the outcome is.

After a while, one then realizes that, the best way to further enhance the learning process, is to share the learning – and this is what this site is all about.


2012 PinayFitness: Fitness Workshop for the Phil Marines Corps

In the succeeding blog posts, I will tackle various interests that I have ventured into. I have studied various subjects on FITNESS, PRODUCTIVITY, PLANNING and VISION BOARDING.

These topics are close to my heart – it’s something that I love to talk about and am very much willing to share as a public speaker or even in TV interviews.

I will be writing more content in this virtual real estate and I hope you can find stuff that is helpful for you as you progress in your own personal journey.






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