What I’m Passionate About

  • Being a mom to four lovely daughters : As a mom, I see to it that I may be a good example for my daughters to emulate as they find their own path in life thru my personal advocacy: Fitness as a lifestyle.
  • Being a supportive wife to my husband : My husband is my life force, my compass and my tag team. I have been blessed to have met a person who complements who I am as a person and being there for him is my way of thanking the Creator for having our paths crossed.
  • Fitness research and its application  : My work as a Control Systems Engineer and a Certified Behavioral Trainer for the past twenty (20) years helped me fine-tune my way of processing things in a systematized manner.
  • Business Consultancy : One of my personal goals in this journey is to help individuals reach their full potential; as a life coach, a friend and a wellness coach.   I was able to collaborate with like-minded individuals that helps providing solutions for those who are looking for exit strategies from the usual 9 to 5 jobs and we can help you get there as a team.
  • My Vision is to Forge Alliances with Leaders through Valuable Outcomes. With this, we continue to expand our capabilities and grow as a person while we work towards life’s challenges and give back to society.

I would like to make a difference in the lives that I touch and in the simple way I interact with the people I meet.

With what I have to offer, I would like to contribute in making our world a better place.

If you could resonate with what is written on this site and would want to connect with like-minded individuals, please feel free to contact me at mmfalvo888[at]gmail.com

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